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Welcome to the world of SLERP

SLERP. An arduino centered project in which you will eventually build a smart powdered drink mixing widget while learning basic engineering principles along the way!

The SLERP Mixer (Solution Liquidation: Entropy by Rotating Powder) will be placed over a cup partially filled with water. It will then make use of an LED & photodiode to detect mixture properties. After detecting, the Mixer will use a servo to dispense a dry fruit drink compound. Once dispensed, a DC motor will mix the compound in the cup. The Mixer will again sense for mixture properties, and continue until the  desired solution concentration is reached.

While working on the project, you will design an integrated system consisting of control, sensing, and actuating subcomponents in order to meet a predefined specification. The basic components and technical details will be abstracted by modular "blocks" that will be built up by following step-by-step directions. Using easily obtainable material such as plastic from soda bottles, jar lids, tape, and glue, you will develop your own mechanical interfaces to the sensing and actuating blocks that you build along the way. While all the basic instructions are provided, including control code, electrical interfaces, and easy to build mechanicals, you will be free to delve into the details of the design in order to add features or general improvements to the entire system.

All the instructions can be found on the wiki, along with links to the code on github. Feel free to explore, play with, and modify the project!

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